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Perhaps you tried to run your DOS application in latest version of Windows XP, and realized you were better off with Windows 98. If so, you are probably visiting this site because someone told you to get Tame. You were sent to the right place. Tame not only makes the things as good as they were, Tame takes it to a new level well beyond DOS environments of the past.

Download the free trial, and see for yourself all the benefits that Tame can bring to your DOS application.

Tame and Your DOS Application

  • Experience Fast response with low CPU usage
  • Supports single user and multi-user environments
  • Provides solutions to common DOS problems
  • Enhance the application with access to Windows features
  • Provide an alternate GUI console with a customizable user interface

Now DOS has a Window View

Tame includes a robust windowed environment that can provide a fresh look for the DOS screen, and simplify the user experience.
  • Customize text display with rule based mapping
  • Add Bitmap images as text background
  • Advanced International support breaks the codepage barrier
  • Access Windows clipboard, Drag Drop and other features

Word Processing

Your DOS based Word Processor can now take full advantage of Windows.
  • Supports large screen size, up to 250 rows or columns
  • Onscreen Text styles such as Bold, Italics
  • Fast, Direct access to the Windows Clipboard
  • System integration including use of Drag/Drop
  • Allows use of both DOS and Windows add-ins

Multi-user Systems

Tame provides the ideal environment for running DOS applications on a multi-user system.
  • Experience Fast Response Times with Low CPU usage
  • Full screen mode provides an uncluttered client window
  • Prevents conflicts due to hard coded names that cannot be shared
  • Access Windows functionality with no code changes needed
  • Dos monitor provides system-wide overview, or detailed process view
  • Supports centralized configuration with optional user preferences

Why wait? Try Tame now.

A trial version of Tame is available on this web site. Run free of charge or hassle for 30 days.

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