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On-Screen Text Styles


With Tame, any application can display fully formatted text on-screen.  This enables near WSYWYG display for a DOS based word processor, without the need for DOS graphics mode.  


This feature will assign each text style based on the color used for normal display of the style.  Tame will examine the existing color scheme, assign a style to each color, and display text with styles applied.  In addition, color coding is removed, and all text shows using the “normal” text color as configured in the word processor.


Text Style Setup


For best results, the application should be configured to display each style using a different color.   In addition, styled text should not duplicate the color of normal non-document screen text.  A duplicate color is expected in most cases.  This can easily be discovered and corrected later, or avoided by assigning a unique color for each style before you begin.


To apply and test WSYWIG style:


Note: Shortcut Keys for (1,2,3) : Alt-Space V Y


1.     Use the system menu in the upper left corner of the window

2.     Select View

3.     In View, select Layout Text Styles

4.     The procedure will run quickly, and report results if one or more styles will not be available.   A style is unavailable if another style is configured with the same color.  It is common to have a few rarely used style combinations listed.  Note any that you would like to have working, Ok the dialog, and move on to the next step.

5.     Briefly run through some menus and dialogs of the app.  You may see unexpected changes.  Perhaps menu text is tiny, or italicized, or underlined. 

6.     If there are no corrections to be made, you are done.  Otherwise, configure each duplicated attribute to use a unique color, and return to step 1....

Text Paste

Tame provides efficient and convenient access to the Windows clipboard.   No more long delays when pasting a lot of Text   Large amounts of text may now be inserted at the full speed of file access. 


Copy/Paste is also available when entering dialog text in the application.  

Additional Options

Use the system menu to set up user options for the application.  Additional options for use in this application are listed. 


Some examples are:


·         . Use drag./drop to edit document

·         . Use media keys as additional function keys

·         . Access special text such as the Euro

·         . Route temp files to the temp folder